“My consumers are mainly using smartphones and computers, and thus I need to be present on mobile web, Apple App Store and Google Play at minimum, maybe in the near future also Windows Store.

But building separate native solutions means I need to pay for the same thing many times and it takes more time, especially in the long run.”



Stagnation Laboratory builds cross device and platform applications with web technologies.

Our experience and technological toolset enables us to build applications that penetrate most platforms out there, without compromising capabilities or performance compared to native solutions. Build once, deploy to platforms of choice.

Any device

Any OS

Any browser



Elion SmartTV

Elion’s next generation Pay TV service

Elion’s next generation pay TV service, launched 09.10.2013 in Estonia, will be reaching over 200 000 subscribers and boasts a unique user experience and the variety of available services.

It was a challenge to achieve desired performance and quality, given the fact that Motorola VIP1003 set-top-box boasts a 450 MHz processor and 256MB of memory – about 5x less than a modern smartphone.

The solution was developed and implemented in an intimate relationship with Elion’s IPTV team.


ConnectedTV Awards 2013
Won at Connected TV Awards 2013 in the “Outstanding Connected TV Service” category.

World’s first “set-top-box-free” IPTV service for Elion on Samsung SmartTV-s

R&D project between Elion and Samsung. First presented at Berlin’s IFA consumer electronics show in august 2012, officially first launched in Estonia on the 6th of December 2012. Over the time support for 2013 and 2014 Samsung platforms has been added.

We are responsible for developing the end-user application that enables the full content of Elion’s IPTV offering. In the big picture, Urmo Lehtsalu was the man who made it happen.


Financial Advisory Model
2011. a. Estonian Banking Association awarded “Deed of the year 2011” to SEB for the new financial advisory service model.

Special tool used by SEB Group for financial analysis of SME segment customers with yearly revenue of up to 500 million EUR. The aim of the tool is to increase engagement during customer meetings, provide better insight into customer situation and increase the quality and number of leads generated.

The solution was initially developed by Priit, Riho and Siim (besides the entire project team listed below) while working for Webmedia.

People whose contribution was paramount: Peeter Maripuu, Marge Keering, Andra Altoa, Ragnar Toomla, Lauri Laineste, Mirko Känd and Hedi Haljand.


Riho Grossberg


Taavi Sangel


Viljar Võidula

networks, testing

Siim Puskai

concepts, production, metrics

Timmu Ründal


Priit Kallas

blueprints, software, hardware


We are on a never-ending quest for seeking the ultimate experience in harnessing the emotions in the service of performing and learning – called Flow.

We do this by building stuff that inspires us – be it software or hardware applications for clients or online services we launch ourselves. It actually doesn’t matter that much, as long as the process itself fully absorbs us in the present moment.

Yet, some things are special – like the game we have been slowly building for over a year…



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